Easy to design.
blazin' barcodes allows you to quickly choose formats for your barcode labels using pre-plotted printing formats. You can select virtually any type of label handled by Dymo brand label printers, then print your custom barcodes and item descriptions on it. If you'd rather print to standard 8.5 x 11" paper, blazin' can handle that as well.


Easy to manage.
Print multiple SKUs at once, simplifying your barcode printing experience, or look up saved SKUs automatically. blazin' barcodes makes it easy for you to manage barcode printing by ensuring that you don't need to do the same work multiple times over. You can even preview barcodes before you print to make sure that everything is set up to your specifications.

Easy to expand.

blazin' barcodes isn't just for small stores. At its simplest, blazin' prints quality barcodes for use in standard barcode scanning. If you expand your store by using one of our other retail products, like ezpos or perennial, the possibilities become endless. blazin' can become the crux of your store's identification processing for inventory or assembly.

Easy to understand.
The evident simplicity of blazin' barcodes means that you won't need to spend hours poring over user manuals. You can leap right in and begin printing barcodes within minutes. All you need to do is type in an item description and a barcode number, and blazin' will print it!

Easy to buy.
blazin' barcodes starts at just $49 a license.
ezaccess service will provide you with a gateway to support, software updates, and technology services. We are a full-service Point of Sale provider, and gladly offer custom quotes to fit your store's needs.

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