Easy to Navigate.
evergreen time clock troll is simple in design but packed with features. This Windows-based program allows you to track your employees’ hours and earnings easily without a complicated interface. Straightforward design puts options and control back in your hands.


Easy to Identify.
Use our web cam feature to include snapshots of your employees for an added level of identification. You can rest assured that you are limiting the potential for inaccurate or false records.


Easy to Manage.
evergreen's reporting options allow you to effortlessly monitor the hours and earnings of your employees— let evergreen do the work for you! Use these reports to make real-time decisions and feel confident about the time your employees are putting in.


Easy to Customize.
Use evergreen's settings to get the most out of time tracking. Specify how evergreen loads on start-up, manage stations, round punch times and set thresholds for overtime hours and pay.


Easy to Buy.
evergreen is priced affordably and is easy to install, even for networked Stations. Add a Server or a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device to store your valuable Employee data on-site, and access it with 1 or more Client Stations spread throughout your business.


Easy to Install.
Our built-in intelligent setup and configuration algorithm will automatically guide your evergreen installation smoothly as it senses the best way to run the program. From Standalone Stations to Network Attached Storage, installation handles it all.

Time Clock Troll Version 3

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