Tiers of Support ezaccess Silver, Gold, and Platinum Support Plans represent escalating tiers of service options for your store. Services are limited by plan. If your store requests more assistance than is provided by your current support plan, you will be required to advance your plan level before continuing.
All Plans All plans are provided phone support between the hours of 7AM to 4PM Pacific Time. Our technicians are available by email at support@systemswest.com, or messages may be left by phone at (800) 728‑7099. In order to best serve you, we will require the ability to log in to your computer via our secure, remote login technology. Support issues lasting longer than one-hour are considered expanded support and are charged according to our Expanded Services - Single-Incident Support policy found on this page.
Silver Plan The Silver Plan is limited to basic support and training via our ticketing system, email, remote login, and phone. This plan exclusively covers instruction and assistance with software and hardware sold by Systems West.
Gold Plan Gold Plan support consists of all Silver Plan benefits, but also provides local area network analysis, database checkups, and Windows Operating System-level support. Clients integrating with the ezcontact Marketing Service must be on the Gold Plan or above.
Platinum Plan The Platinum Plan is required in cases of integrated payment system support, such as integrations with the ezdebit Payment System, X-Charge, or PCCharge Pro. Platinum service is our top tier of assistance. It entitles subscribers to malware diagnostics, virus cleanup, and other third-party software guidance. It is intended as a replacement for a dedicated small business IT technician.
Standard Services Standard services include all offerings covered by at least one ezaccess Support Plan. These services are provided at no additional cost to users enrolled in an active plan. If you request services beyond the scope of your current plan, you may be asked to upgrade or pay for single-incident support before being provided with assistance.
Software Support Support for Systems West Software includes assistance with the standard operational aspects of our programs, including ezpos, perennial, evergreen, blazin' barcodes, ezscheduler, ezpet, and ezpunch. This assistance is limited to the programs themselves and does not extend to integrating with hardware or software not purchased from Systems West (i.e. computers, receipt printers, customer displays, etc.)
Software Training Training includes demonstrations of the general capabilities of software produced by Systems West, as well as in-depth assistance with developing standard operating procedures based around the software at your place of business.
Hardware Support Systems West provides support only to hardware purchased from our company. You must be on an ezaccess Support Plan to receive any assistance with your hardware. In cases where physical problems appear to be causing hardware to malfunction, Systems West will refer you to your hardware manufacturer for support, or will broker support as needed.
Remote Login Assistance Our technicians have the ability, with your authorization, to remotely log in to your machine and repair issues. Our remote login service is available at www.swlogin.net and requires a 6-digit PIN from the technician assisting you, usually via phone support. Remote login sessions require user permission as well as a stable Internet connection. Once you have revoked rights to your computer by closing our remote login window, it must be granted again before we can remote in to your system once more. This is for your protection. We may not be able to access machines with excessive security limits, substandard Internet connections, or non-supported operating systems.
Service via OSTicket OSTicket is the software that drives our Support Center, available at http://support.systemswest.com. Support ticket submissions are available through the "Open New Ticket" button 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, although we generally respond only during business hours. You can check the status of an open ticket by clicking the "Check Status" button.
Service via email We understand that some of our clients prefer to communicate over email. Systems West Support's email address is support@systemswest.com. We receive emails 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but will generally respond only during business hours. Your email may be forwarded to our OSTicket system to better track support longer-term issues.
Service via Phone Phone support is our preferred venue for providing assistance to our customers, as it allows us to interact in real time and walk through issues you may be having with your software or hardware. Our phone number is (800) 728‑7099.
LAN Analysis Many problems perceived to be issues with our programs are actually difficulties with the connection between your computers. As part of our Gold Plan services and above, we are able to run detailed diagnostics on your network, then give diagnostics that will help solve these issues.
Database Checkups Computer shutdowns and network issues can cause corruptions in your program databases. Database issues can cause runtime errors or other unexplained behavior with your programs. Database checkups allow us to review the information stored in your database and fix these problems before they cause irreparable damage.
Windows OS Support Operating System-level support covers issues specific to Windows Operating Systems. We provide support for Windows Xp, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.
ezcontact Integration Gold Plan or Platinum Plan support is required in order for ezpos to integrate with the ezcontact Marketing Service, which allows you to assign campaigns to your clients at the point-of-sale.
Business Software Consulting Systems West is staffed by technicians with significant experience in the use of point-of-sale software. We are able to provide significant consulting advice about the use of your software to better serve your business.
Integrated Payment Support Our point-of-sale software has the ability to integrate with various payment solutions to allow processing of credit cards directly through your computer when making transactions. ezpos integrates with Verifone's PCCharge Payment Processing system. perennial integrates with both PCCharge and Accelerated Payment Technologies' X-Charge system. ezaccess Platinum Plan support is required in order for Systems West to support these integrations due to their third-party nature.
ezdebit Integration In addition to the third-party integrations we accept, Systems West also provides its own credit card processing solution in the form of ezdebit. This secure payment processing option allows credit card transaction to be passed online through an encrypted gateway, ensuring maximum protection for your customers' credit card data.
Malware Diagnostics The daily use of the Internet often results in the accumulation of harmful programs collectively known as malware. These programs can slow your computer, collect and relay sensitive information to unscrupulous third parties, and cause damage to your data. We are able to remove malware and help prevent its installation on your machine.
Virus Cleanup Computer viruses often cause major damage to your operating system. We are able to remove viruses and mitigate their negative effects through a series of removal steps and innoculations.
Third-Party Software Assistance Your computer comes preinstalled with a great amount of software, from Microsoft products to drivers installed by various hardware and software vendors. ezaccess Platinum Plan support gives us the ability to advise you on the use of this software, allowing us to work as a single knowledge base for programs used at your store.
Discounted Extended Services Certain extended services may be available at discount rates based on one's current plan level.
Expanded Services Expanded Services include any a la carte services not expressly provided by your current ezaccess plan. These include options available to other plans as well as certain purchase-only services such as Data Migration, Custom Coding, and out-of-warranty hardware repairs.
Data Migration Standard migration of inventory and customer data into ezpos or perennial is available for a flat fee of $220 if data is readily available and in a usable format via an export from an existing point-of-sale or contact management program. No sales history will be imported. Additional fees may apply if data requires extensive interpretation or is difficult to extract. Clients will be notified of and given options regarding said fees before can be completed.
On-site Assistance On-site technicians are available in most states at $199 for the first hour of service and $239 for up to two hours. Additional hours are charged at a rate of $95/hour. Requests for on-site service must be scheduled in advance. Same-day service, if available, is subject to an additional $139 surcharge.
After-Hours Service Service outside of our normal business hours is available to ezaccess Platinum Plan subscribers for $25 for the first hour and $80 per hour thereafter, per incident. Other plans are charged $120 minimum for the first hour, plus $30 per 15-minute interval thereafter, per incident. Payment authorization will be required before after-hours support is provided.
Single-Incident Support Single-incident support covers cases wherein a user is either not covered by an ezaccess service plan, or those in which a user's current plan level does not cover the service needed. Single-incident support issues are charged according to our Expanded Services - After-Hours Service policy found on this page.
Policies Systems West relies on adherence to stated policy in order to provide the best possible experience for our customers. Our policies are aimed at minimizing service disputes and maximizing the amount of assistance we can provide to our customers.
Payment ezaccess Support Plans carry a one-year term, regardless of whether they are paid monthly or annually. They may be paid by check or credit card. If you choose to cancel a recurring plan, you will be charged a cancellation fee equal to the difference between the cost of an annual recurring plan and a single-year plan of your current plan level. When upgrading plans, unused credit on the current plan will be applied toward the cost of the upgrade. When downgrading, it will be applied toward a time extension for that plan. We do not offer refunds for plan changes.
Signup You may sign up for an ezaccess Support Plan at http://signup.systemswest.com. This is a secure site requiring a sign-in using your company's ezaccess ID and your email address. You may also fill out and fax or email a signup form, downloadable at http://ezaccessform.systemswest.com.
Multiple Stores In cases where multiple stores in a company are using Systems West hardware or software and wish to take advantage of ezaccess Support, all stores within the company must be on support of the same tier to prevent abuse. Stores are billed individually. Support to any stores will only be provided if all stores are up-to-date with their respective plan.
Hardware Sales Items sold by Systems West will be dispatched from one of our authorized vendors. Unless otherwise stated and agreed, items will be in new, unused condition when they are received by the end-user. If dissatisfied with the purchased merchandise, the end-user has 10 calendar days to request an RMA from Systems West. The merchandise must then be returned within 15 business days or no credit will be provided. Systems West will cover return shipping and restocking fees only on items that have been sold in non-functioning condition; other items are subject to a 35% restocking fee.

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