Easy to Reach.
ezcontact helps you stay in touch with existing customers and gives you a way to reach out to new potential clients. Assign email campaigns to an individual with a click of a button or send targeted marketing to groups of clients. Make the most of your interactions with your customers by sending valuable information that they can appreciate and use.


Easy to Profit.
Distribute coupons, announce store-wide sales, and gauge customer interest quickly and easily with the tools made available through ezcontact. Build on the relationships you create when your customers are in your store, while the ability for your clients to opt out of receiving mails at any time keeps you from generating unwanted spam. Marketing doesn’t need to be a second job for you anymore: it’s integrated with your sales process.


Easy to Customize.
Take advantage of a wide range of pre-designed email campaign templates with the Campaign Library available through ezcontact Online. Take it one step further by inserting your store's colors and logos to complete the professional look you’re after. Your customers will come to recognize your brand putting your store at the front of their mind.


Easy to Access.
While you can make campaign decisions instantly at the time of sale, you can also take advantage of the marketing opportunity through online access. Work on your marketing efforts from anywhere—even monitor who’s opening the campaigns you’ve sent and track the trends.


Easy to Activate.
Systems West clients covered by an ezaccess Gold Support Plan can turn on ezcontact in ezpos's station file. You will instantly have access to the latest evolution in direct email marketing. Get started today!

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