Easy to handle.
ezdebits abilities are simple to master. With little training, you’ll be ready to ring up sales with your new integrated payment processing solution. As with the rest of our extensive suite of retail products and services, our goal with ezdebit is to provide you with an efficient and straightforward solution that lets you focus on what’s important: running a successful business.


Easy to process.
ezdebit's seamless integration with ezpos means that processing your sales transactions has never been easier. Simply follow the prompts and swipe your customer’s credit card without leaving ezpos. Instead of being stored in a local database, a practice rapidly becoming disfavored in the business world, all credit information is passed through a secure connection directly to your merchant processor.


Easy to afford.
Processing credit card transactions at your store can translate into many small charges that quickly add up and eat away at your profits. Our built-in merchant account provides subscribers with some of the lowest rates available. ezdebit also automatically adjusts based on the unique circumstances of each transaction to save you money.


Easy to manage.
ezdebit works to make it easy to manage your store’s transactions, either through integration with ezpos reports or through a web-based management system that allows you access from anywhere in the world. Your customers’ information is stored in a manner that is both secure and PCI compliant.


Easy to activate.
As a subscriber to our ezaccess Platinum Support Plan, you are automatically eligible to enable ezdebit through ezpos. After your store is set up with ezdebit and a Cash Practice® Auto-Debit System® account, you can instantly begin processing credit card sales at your store. Get started today!


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