Easy to learn.
ezpos organizes all of your store's information into three key sectors: Inventory, Customers, and Employees. You and your employees can learn ezpos and be making sales with less than an hour of training. Customizable reports give you all the information that you need to know in a form that's best for your business. Simple labels and logical button layouts give ezpos a natural feel that will be appreciated by users at any level of computer expertise.

Easy to grow.
ezpos expands with your store by allowing you to add workstations effortlessly. All of your information is available on each registered workstation at your store.

Easy to adapt.
A large suite of add-ons expands the capabilities of
ezpos to best fit your store. In addition to a complimentary suite of 23 utilities that handle anything from across-the-board price changes to data backups, ezpos also integrates with commonly-used water testing software, payroll programs, and more.

Easy to connect.
Profit from building your store into a community.
ezpos allows you to create mailing lists in seconds that will help you stay at the forefront of your customers' minds.

Easy to buy.
ezpos is priced competitively, with packages starting as low as $395. ezaccess service will provide you with a gateway to support, software updates, and technology services. We are a full-service Point of Sale provider, and gladly offer custom quotes to fit your store's needs.

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