Easy to Access.
ezpunch is a straightforward, robust web-based program that uses the internet to track your employees’ hours and earnings. Access to ezpunch can be as open or limited as you need with location controls to provide a secure and reliable time tracking environment.


Easy to Communicate.
Take the fuss out of passing information onto your employees using ezpunch. Simply use ezpunch’s message feature to compose a note that can be read easily by your employees when they login to the system from a web browser.


Easy to Manage.
ezpunch makes it easy to manage your employees’ hours by viewing several reports: online employees, employee lists, clock in/out history and earnings, and modified times. You can also review hours, make modifications and document them effortlessly.


Easy to Customize.
Use ezpunch’s settings to get the most out of time tracking. Select your time zone to maintain consistency, choose which day begins the workweek, and set thresholds for overtime hours and pay.


Easy to Buy.
ezpunch’s price is based on the number of employees in your organization with rates starting at $17/month or $187/year. Subscribe to ezaccess service for a hassle free gateway to support, software updates, and technology services. We are a full-service Point of Sale provider, and gladly offer custom quotes to fit your store's needs.

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