Easy to employ.
ezscheduler is a simple, lightweight program that allows you to define tasks and resources for your business, then determine who is doing what, where, and when. It will help you employ your resources--technicians, trucks, equipment, or employees --for any task.

Easy to grow.
As your retail and service store grows, ezscheduler expands to fit your needs. Run the program on a single, standalone server, or add workstations as your store expands. Install ezscheduler on as many stations as you want at no additional cost. This makes your data available anywhere in your store in an instant.

Easy to manage.
Retail and service organizations do far too much business for one person to keep track of without some managing tools. ezscheduler makes it easy to manage all of the service activities going on at your business through a series of clear reports you can generate throughout the day.

Easy to integrate.

ezscheduler functions as a standalone program, but also seamlessly integrates with ezpos to provide high-quality service scheduling for all of your point-of-sale customers. You can share your customers between ezpos and ezscheduler allowing you to schedule services and accept payment all at once.

Easy to buy.
ezscheduler is priced competitively at $149. What's more, ezaccess service will provide you with a gateway to support, software updates, and technology services. We are a full-service Point of Sale provider, and gladly offer custom quotes to fit your store's needs.

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